Connaissance du cinéma referenced in the Toronto Film Review

Connaissance du cinéma referenced in the Toronto Film Review

  • On 1 October 2019

The film criticism web site Toronto Film Reviewpraised the first season of Connaissance du cinéma, the popular education program produced by TECHNÈS, in collaboration with the Laboratoire multimédia (LaM) and the Faculté des arts et des sciences de l’Université de Montréal. We reproduce the site’s comments below:

“Un nouveau chef-d’oeuvre d’André Habib? Maybe. . . . Even though I’m not so sure if the hyperbole is really necessary since these six episodes of Connaissance du cinéma (Canal Savoir) are so modest in their scope while simultaneously also being so richly personal and full of a breath of information. The show is described as an educational series where film professionals from two different generations discuss their area of expertise. There are episodes on sound recording, filmmakers, projectionists, home movies, and an old camera collector. The guests include Marcel Carrière and Stephen de Oliveira, Pierre Hébert and Karl Lemieux, Guy Fournier and Julie De Lorimier, François Auger and Annie Hardy, François Lemai and Louis Pelletier . . .”

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